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Dine with Picasso

From the New Orleans Museum of Art Newsletter, October 1978


The New Orleans Museum of Art has officially opened its new restaurant, The Red Room. This long awaited restaurant is a result of hard work on the part of NOMA's Women's Volunteer Committee and the Committee's Chairman, Peggy Read.

Located on the second floor of the Museum -- just off the Pre-Columbian Art Gallery in a formerly hidden storage area -- The Red Room at first glance appears to be a new gallery wing for NOMA. Contributing to this deception are the striking black and white woodcut murals by artist Ben Smith. The woodcuts stand out boldly against the Chinese Red walls and the vibrantly patterned tablecloths. Passing waitresses in colorful aprons tend to enliven the restaurant even more.

View the Prints:
• Mechanical Figure with Cornucopia
• Figure in a Red Striped Skirt
• Mechanical Bird on a Bicycle